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Well Being

Our practice also offers well-being sessions for your animals. We draw your attention to the fact that these different approaches have no vocation for care . They provide comfort , relaxation and thus reduce stress .



Animal kinesiology is an energetic technique for releasing emotional stress. It places emotions at the starting point of the installation of a disorder.


When an animal experiences an event, shock or trauma with strong emotion, an association between these two phenomena permeates its cellular memory. Over time, this pattern is memorized: the blockage is repeated with each similar experience. The aim of animal kinesiology is to remove the emotional charge associated with the disorder.


The practitioner looks for the emotions at the origin of the animal's blockages using a test that allows a reading of the body's responses. He then uses balances that may come from Traditional Chinese Medicine, energetic aromatherapy, vibratory phytotherapy, ...


Kinesiology may be recommended in conjunction with veterinary and/or osteopathic follow-up for behavioural disorders (unexplained fears, anxiety, aggressiveness, etc.), physical disorders that may be linked to emotional blockage (digestive, skin or locomotor disorders, etc.) but also following a shock, trauma, accident or a drop in performance.

Certified Practionners from EKMA (Ecole de Kinesiologie et Méthodes associées) : Natacha Schlusselhuber, Anne d'Hautefeuille



Shiatsu is a Japanese method of well-being aiming at an energetic rebalancing based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.  It is a global manual technique using, among other things, pressure games ("Atsu" means pressure, "Shi" of the fingers in Japanese) which aims to restore harmony.


It is a gentle practice that takes place in the greatest respect. The session begins with a time of observation of the animal in its environment. The first contact is made in silence, in a non-verbal communication.

Then the hands go through the animal's body (especially along the different meridians of the body) to define areas of tension, hot/cold, or imbalance in one or more meridian flows. This is the beginning of an inventory.

The aim is to restore the free flow of energy in the body and mind by making it harmonious.


Sometimes animals come to seek pressure, the practitioner proposes and the animal disposes. The observation of the attitude of the animal is essential, it guides the practitioner in his self-treatment.

Thumbs, palms, fingers act by pressure/release, vibration or massage to untie and re-harmonize a physiological and psychological whole that finally become one.

Certified Practionner from the Ecole Française de Shiatsu Hervé Eugène : Nadine Kiehl



The origin of the word "NATUROPATHY" comes from two English words "nature" and "path" which mean "the way of Nature".


Naturopathy is a natural path towards balance. It is based on the vital energy of the body: the idea is to wake it up, to stimulate it.


It has a range of natural techniques. This is where phytotherapy, aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, micronutrition, gemmotherapy, or bioresonance come into play. 

The session lasts about 45 minutes, where an anamnesis, an osteopathic assessment, a bioresonance scan and a synthesis of all these data will follow.


The purpose of this interview is to advise you as well as possible on the possible imbalances or deficiencies which led your animal to have such symptom or such behavioral disorder. The objective is to have advice personalised to your pet's situation.

Praticien certifié par l'établissement Racinessence : Natacha Schlusselhuber, Anne D'Hautefeuille



Bioresonance is a therapeutic method consisting in recording, with a special device, the electromagnetic waves emitted by the body : the “organizing fields of life”.


The results is an assessment of a certain aspect of health, without blood or urine samples, or radiographic examinations. It allows to obtain 600 control points in 39 reports in several fields: cardiovascular, gastrointestinal function, liver function, rheumatism, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, immune system. 


The Quantum is a non-medical device, used for well-being, acting exclusively on informational levels. The technique is non-invasive and painless, since you only need to touch a probe for one to two minutes. 


This assessment allows us to target the most appropriate treatment for various physical or emotional disorders (skin, digestive, headshaking, joints, stress, dietary or immune imbalances, etc.). It can by no means replace traditional blood tests or other assessments, but it complements them.

Praticien certifié par l'établissement Racinessence : Natacha Schlusselhuber, Anne d'Hautefeuille

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